As the pandemic grips America, we can work together to keep every student on track to college and career. We offer a rich, engaging, and effective educational experience—while ensuring the safety of your children and their teachers.

NSSI seeks organization, school, and system leaders who are eager to provide their students with a high-quality distance learning experience that empowers local teachers to focus intently on students' academic and social success.

Join us in

  • Offering dynamic, highly effective teaching and ambitious curricula to students everywhere,

  • Supplementing this targeted coursework with lively enrichment activities in the arts, movement, and recreation,

  • Creating a virtual community where children feel heard, valued, connected, and successful, and where curiosity and joy are fostered,

  • Mitigating learning gaps and equipping students with the essential skills for the new school year,

  • Exposing students, parents, and teachers to mentor teachers—and the proven instructional practices that have closed achievement gaps in America’s highest performing schools.


The National Summer School Initiative

The National Summer School Initiative is a not-for-profit, philanthropically funded organization. At no cost to partner districts and organizations, we will

  • Create and deliver a full year of high-impact ELA and math curricula.

  • Offer vibrant and engaging enrichment programs from best-of-class cultural institutions.

  • Provide high quality training to partner teachers before school begins.

  • Lead daily partner PD focused on Intellectual Preparation and Looking at Student Work.

  • Recruit the best mentor teachers in the country—or help you identify and train your own.

  • Ensure the core technology and operational infrastructure are sound and support the programmatic requirements.

  • Conduct pre- and post-assessments to measure impact.

  • Raise philanthropic funds so that you can access this programming affordably in a time of budget cuts.

Partner organizations

You will

  • Shape the length of your student day and determine your virtual class schedule.

  • Offer, at your choice, additional courses beyond our three core critical-thinking classes, using our mentor/partner teacher model.

  • Sustain your tech platform—or adopt ours (Zoom for Education, G Suite, and Google Classroom).

  • Assign and manage your distance learning teachers.

  • Ensure that all teachers attend required grade-level professional development provided by NSSI (3 times a week).

  • Ensure students have required technology and access to the internet.

Roadmap to launch

We can support you with all the tools to prepare for launch.

Professional development

All partner teachers will receive exceptional professional development. Teachers will receive

  • one full week of training in the specific progressive pedagogies of the summer school the week of August 24 through August 28, and

  • for one hour three times a week, they will join a national grade team meeting to engage in intellectual preparation and student work study to prepare deeply for the week’s teaching.

Tech requirements

Partner teacher and student requirements

  • A computer with a camera and a broadband internet connection (for example, ChromeBook)

Technology stack

  • Zoom video conferencing

  • Google Classroom

  • YouTube videos and live-streaming from NSSI

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