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Listen to what our partner schools, parents, teachers, and students had to say about their experience in the National Summer School Initiative.

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Enthusiastic parents win NSSI an “excellent” Net Promoter Score

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Parents tell us...

The teachers are extremely encouraging and accessible. I really appreciate them.

I like that my child is asked to think critically and that it is so engaging.

I love the extra options that they have for my son to choose from. He is so excited about learning another language. It's optional and he is choosing to do it.

My child is learning, moving every day, and is happy to see her friends online.

Client schools and organizations tell us

Exposing students and teachers to working within this sort of well-designed, effectively-delivered blended learning model, focused around an individualized learning plan for each student based upon their own progress, has been one of our major motivations at Nevada Action for School Options in serving as Nevada’s partner for this work.

And it is something valuable that we hope many families participating in remote learning this upcoming school year will benefit from.

Nevada Action for School Options

Partner Teachers

I see relationships and friendships developing that are much needed for children in this difficult time of social isolation. “Many of the kids say things like ‘this is fun’ and ‘I really like coming to this class.’ Parents also feel very connected to the program, sometimes jumping on Zoom after class so we can chat face to face, strengthening the most important school-family connection.

Melissa Flaxman,

3rd grade English Language Arts teacher,

Nevada Action Network

It is great to see teachers from all over the country come together to discuss ways to assess student learning, increase student engagement, and help fill in learning gaps. It is great to hear discourse from like-minded teachers from all over the country who want to help students thrive!

Kylie Gempler,

5th grade English Language Arts teacher,

Nevada Action Network


I like that it is a positive attitude and the teachers focus on us a lot.

I like how the teachers are not in such a rush and they let us take our time, because sometimes I feel like I need my more time on a question and they give me the time I need.


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